The Senior Strikes Back part 1 ( Chloe was scary good)






The Senior Strikes Back part 1


Bianca Rose and Chloe Noir








Not forgetting her recent spanking during detention, Chloe decided she wanted some pay back from Miss Bianca. Chloe, doing her research, found a picture of Miss Bianca in an adult publication and threatened to expose her if she didn’t agree to take a spanking. Reluctantly, the tall redhead agreed and was made to remove all of her clothing below her waist. She was shocked at the intensity of the spanking by Chloe who spanked many sensitive areas aside from her bottom. Chloe even spanked Miss Bianca with the teacher’s own shoes





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Now a few stills from the movie




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I cut this from the preview video





This video was  ans is stunning. It stunned Bianca and me, I will tell you that. Bianca and I were concerned that Chloe wouldn’t have it in her to spank hard enough to make the scene work. God were we wrong. Bianca had tears in her eyes before long. I had no idea that Chloe could be so masterful from the top position. She stuck with power and moved with grace. When she took off Bianca’s shoes I thought she was just emulating me. I always take off the shoes of a girl wearing pointy heels after putting me hand though a stiletto a few years back. That wasn’t Chloe’s intent at all. When I realized that she intended to spank Bianca with the shoes I nearly stopped the scene. The striking area was tiny and the heels pointy. It was fortunate that I waited as Chloe knew what she wanted to do.  She gave my tall red headed friend quite the spanking using both hands. Shocked the hell out of both Bianca and me. When the scene was over Bianca was well marked. Not just her bottom, but thighs inner and outer. One problem for Chloe, there was a scene yet to go and she was the last to cry.



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2 Responses to “The Senior Strikes Back part 1 ( Chloe was scary good)”

  • Mo:

    Great scene! Loved the beginning when Bianca was removing her clothing. Also, the end of (of clip2) with Chloe directing her into position was just like she was doing a session as a submissive.

    All around, my favorite in a while — and I haven’t even seen the second half yet.