The Strict Stepmom : Chapters 1-3


Strict Stepmother


Tara Tied and ( AVN Hall Of Fame Recipient ) Julie Simone

Tara has a new stepmother and isn’t adjusting well. Julie has tried the nice approach but Tara keeps rebuffing her efforts to be friends. Julie decides a stricter demeanor is necessary in order to have a harmonious household.


1. Stepmom’s Conversation


Tara declares that although her father may have married Julie, she did not and therefore doesn’t have to associate with her. She storms off to relax in a warm bath, but Julie is waiting for her when she steps out of the bathroom. She whisks away the snotty brat’s towel and tosses her over her knee and surprises her with a spanking.



2. Wardrobe Change



Julie decides that not only is a change in attitude required, but a change in wardrobe too. She hands Tara a modest, juvenile style dress and orders her to put it on and then tidy her room. Tara begrudgingly slips into the dress but chooses to curl up on the couch to sleep instead of clean. Julie delivers a tough hairbrush spanking to her stepdaughter for not minding her.



3. Skipped



Tara gave herself a half day off school and left after third period. Julie is home waiting for her and uses a narrow school paddle to send a message to her stepdaughter that such behavior is unacceptable.




and now




I remember this shoot so well. It was the first time I worked with Julie Simone and Tara.

This video was covered by what was then the VIVID Satellite Radio Station. Julie , Tara and I talked about the video and spanking in general.

The folks at VIVID liked the response to the spanking show so I often helped put then in contact with people in the scene such as Chelsea Pfeiffer and Mei Mara.

Love to shoot with Julie again.

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