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What Are You Doing In Bed


Mia Kay with David Pierson








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The Imperfect Prefect part 1


Gianna Love and David Pierson





After the spanking of Mia, Gianna was summoned from class. Dr Pierson held prefect Gianna as responsible for Mia’s sleeping in. As the head girl, it is her job to be sure that everyone is up and off to class. Gianna was shocked when informed that she was to be spanked for her failure that morning. Not only was her spanking to be delivered upon her bare bottom, but as an imperfect prefect, it was going to be very hard.



My Little One: The Series


Kitty Catherine, Audrey and David Pierson








Chapter 1: Starting Over

Audrey had been asked by her parents to care for her younger sister who was out of control and heading for serious trouble. Audrey had always been properly disciplined as a while her sister ran wild. Audrey was given total control over her sister including her finances. This gave Audrey the leverage she needed to deal with Kitty as she saw fit. Since Kitty missed out on the limit setting that proper parenting would have given her, Audrey had the idea that staring over would be just what little sis needed. Shortly after arriving at Audrey’s house, Kitty was instructed that she had lost all of her young adult privileges and would be treated as a . Taken upstairs, her adult clothes were removed, her pubic hair shaven, and then dressed in a manner appropriate for a five year old. After being placed in time out for an hour, Kitty found herself over her sister’s lap for a spanking. Kitty was spanked hard by big sister Audrey with her frilly panties down until tears ran down her face and snot came leaking from her nose. After her spanking, Kitty was made to sit upon the hard bench upon which she was spanked to sit in time out.



Chapter 2: Kitty’s First Day

Kitty was not happy that she was being sent to school and one that required the wearing of a uniform. Of course Audrey was sending her little sister to a top preparatory school so that next year she can enter the University of her choice. Kitty attempted to get out of going to school by feigning illness but her big sister was ready for this. As she had lost her young adult privileges, Audrey took her temperature rectally. Kitty felt beyond humiliated and then worse as her temperature came back as normal and Audrey began to spank little sister’s bare bottom with the hairbrush. As the hairbrush wielded by big sister Audrey fell time and again on her bare bottom, Kitty promised to go to school and behave. Once her punishment was over, the girl with the tear stained eyes and sore red bottom was sent to catch the bus.



Chapter 3: Trouble At School

Kitty was summoned to Headmaster Pierson’s residence after being disrespectful to one of her instructors. She was shocked to learn that her punishment was to be a bare bottom birching. As she was being positioned, she protested this treatment but as soon as she felt the sting of the birch, those protests turned to sobs and promises to be good. Kitty cried uncontrollably as she was disciplined with the birch. Once her spanking was over, Kitty was walked to the window with her red bottom on display. She was quite visible to the girls walking by.


Chapter 4: Bathtime Blues

Audrey called her for her little sister as it was time for her to take her bath. She was pleasantly surprised when instead of being difficult, Kitty did as instructed without complaint. Once her big sister was done giving the little one her bath, Kitty asked if she could just relax in the tub. Seconds after Audrey had left the room, Kitty pulled out her phone that she had hidden among the towels and exchanged some “face time” with her boyfriend. When Audrey came back to check on her little sister, she found that little sister was involved in activity that she did not approve of. She pulled Kitty from the tub, gave her several hard whacks on her wet bottom, then dragged her to the bedroom for a proper spanking. Audrey spanked her sister’s wet bottom until she was sobbing and promising to be a good little girl. Once the spanking was over, Kitty was placed on the corner. Kitty did her best not to rub her sore bottom but could not help but do so.



Chapter 5: L’Enfant Terrible

Kitty through a tantrum when told it was time for bed. This time big sister Audrey decided to punish this bratty behavior in an unique way. She took Kitty to her bedroom, tore off her PJ bottoms and procced to diaper the girl. Off course Kitty protested so Audrey gave her a hard spanking with Kitty on legs up-Diaper position.

With her legs held in the up position this gave Audrey plenty of sensitive areas to spank. As Audrey’s hand and leather paddled landed hard against Kitty’s exposed bottom and thighs, all Kitty could do was cry. After the spanking, Audrey rubbed lotion on kitty’s sore bottom and finished diapering her. The now diapered girl was instructed that she was not to get our of bed for any reason. Kitty asked, “what if I have to pee?” To which Audrey responded, “Then I will come in and change you.


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My Little One Episodes 1-3




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My Little One Episodes 4-5



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