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L’Enfant Terrible


Kitty Catherine and Audrey











When Kitty threw a temper tantrum when told it was time for bed, big sister Audrey knew that it was time for truly drastic measures. She dragged little sister upstairs, put her in bed, and removed her PJ bottoms. Upon her return, Kitty was horrified to see Audrey with a diaper in hand. Audrey noted that if she was to act as a baby she would be treated accordingly. When Audrey lifted Kitty’s legs to put on the diaper, the brat protested this degrading treatment. Audrey was prepared for Kitty’s reaction and began to give little sister a hard spanking in legs up-diaper position.

With her legs held in the up position this gave Audrey plenty of sensitive areas to spank. As Audrey’s hand and leather paddled landed hard against Kitty’s exposed bottom and thighs, all Kitty could do was cry. After the spanking, Audrey rubbed lotion on kitty’s sore bottom and finished diapering her. The now diapered girl was instructed that she was not to get our of bed for any reason. Kitty asked, “what if I have to pee?” To which Audrey responded, “Then I will come in and change you.”


Country Discipline -part 1


Audrey and Skyler Grey







The Boarding School


Gianna Love and Julie Simone











The Boarding School

Gianna has transferred to Eastmoor Boarding School for girls midyear. Headmistress Julie Simone take special interest in the new student and is personally ensuring Gianna adheres to each and every rule stated in the thick student handbook. Poor Gianna doesn’t stand a chance once she’s in Ms. Simone’s clutches.


  1. Orientation

During her orientation, Gianna is introduced to the endless list of rules in the student handbook. She is then immediately given a spanking for having committed the minor infraction of rolling her eyes as Ms. Simone reviewed the rules.


  1. Off Grounds

Gianna was caught out of uniform and off school grounds without permission. Her pleas that she just wanted to explore the town fall on deaf ears with Ms. Simone and she is made to remove her dress before being bent over the desk for her punishment.


  1. Room Inspection

Ms. Simone finds cookies and racy magazines in Gianna’s dorm room during a routine room inspection. Neither snacks nor inappropriate media are allowed in the girls’ room. Gianna, still dressed in her pajamas, is dragged into Ms. Simone’s office for a hairbrush spanking.


  1. Missing Diary

Gianna has been unable to find her diary ever since the room inspection. She is certain Ms. Simone stole it and breaks into her office to retrieve it. Ms. Simone catches her in the act and is highly offended to be accused of theft. Gianna is bent over the stepstool and given a dose of the leather strap.


  1. Fire Alarm

In a desperate attempt to be freed from Eastmoor, Gianna pulls the fire alarm in the library setting off the sprinkler system and assuring her a mandatory expulsion. But before Gianna is sent home, Ms. Simone gives her one final punishment. Gianna peels off her drenched clothing and goes back over Ms. Simone’s knee for a wet, bare bottom spanking.


I think this was such a great week.


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Audrey and Skyler Grey

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