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Too Chummy part 1



Joelle Barros and Michael Valentine





Michael had summoned Joelle to his house to both praise and warn her. He noted that she had been doing very well and hadn’t required correction in over a month, however it had come to his attention the his protégée had been far to close with her students. The Headmaster noted that this is a very common issue for young teachers. Joelle decided to argue the point and suddenly she was sentenced to the correction that she had not suffered for over thirty days. Joelle was made to remove her skirt and place her hands on the top of the mantle of the fireplace. Headmaster Valentine took a leather paddle and spanked her for a time over her bright purple panties. The, she was mortified as the panties were lowered and she was spanked on her bare bottom. Soon her embarrassment was the least of her problems as each swat of the paddle landed with great force, causing her to jump, wiggle and cry out.





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Audrey’s Profanity



Audrey and Michael Valentine ( it’s Valentine’s week)








Joelle isn’t the only instructor who receives special supervision from Headmaster Valentine at the Amber Wells’ Academy. Unlike all of the students and most of the instructors, Miss Audrey did not grow up with a silver spoon in her mouth. Despite her brilliant mind, many members of the board felt that the she wasn’t their kind. Despite being from the wrong side of the tracks, Dr. Valentine believed the she had much to offer his group of entitled little brats. When Audrey was offered the precious position at said esteemed institution, it was made clear that she would need to submit to Dr. Valentine’s oversight. At first, Audrey found herself over the Headmaster’s lap quite often, giving in to behaviors required for survival on the tough streets of Philadelphia, yet completely out of place at the Academy. Gradually, Miss Audrey’s visits to Dr. Valentine’s office diminished and finally ceased completely as she learned new ways of dealing with the travails of teaching. That was until one day, when during class, little Laci called Miss Audrey a ‘stupid bitch’ when she was politely asked her not to talk during class. This triggered something in Miss Audrey and she gave Laci a lesson in vulgarity that made the girl’s hair curl. When word of Audrey’s tirade reached Dr. Valentine, his protégée was summoned his residence. Audrey’s heart was beating hard and fast when she entered the Valentine abode. ” He wouldn’t spank me, it’s been too long’, Audrey thought to herself . It turned out that the thought was but wishful thinking on her part as it was made clear that she was to be spending time over the headmaster’s lap. Despite her pleas for forgiveness, Dr. Valentine instructed Miss Audrey to remove her skirt and come over his lap. Embarrassed beyond words, she did as instructed. She shouted in pain and humiliation as the Headmaster started her correction by spanking her on the bottom of her panties. Suddenly, her embarrassment was trebled as her panties were lowered and her bare bottom was spanked. All Miss Audrey could do was squirm and cry as Dr. Valentine’s large hand found it’s mark over and over. Miss Audrey shouted more loudly as the Headmaster began using a hairbrush upon the errant teachers lovely bottom.



Audrey quickly learned how displeased Headmaster Valentine was with her profane tirade towards a student when he started using a hairbrush upon her lovely bottom. As blow after painful blow fell, Audrey squirmed and cried out how such behavior would never happen again. Following her punishment, the Headmaster had his, now chastised, teacher stand in the corner with her well-spanked bottom on display






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For DVD: spank here




Late Schoolgirl part 1



Mandie Rae and Michael Valentine










Since returning from ‘Discipline Camp,’ Mandie has done her very best to be a good girl. No more drinking or insolence to those in authority. One day, she was studying with friends and lost track of the time. He father had set a strict rule that she is to come straight home from school. Suddenly Mandie realized that it had gotten late and her heart began to beat rapidly from fear. She grabbed her books and computer and ran to the bus. When she got home her father waiting for her and was clearly unhappy. Soon, she found herself over her father’s lap for a spanking. As he put her in place and lifted her skirt, Mandie cried “I’m sorry!” This did not deter her father from the mission of giving his daughter the punishment needed to keep her from regressing. Her spanking began over her regulation school panties, and then to her bare bottom. Unlike in previous times, Mandie did not disrespect her disciplinarian, all she could do was cry from the pain and humiliation.






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