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So let’s start with Phone Flirtation, one of the most well received PB updates in out ten year existence




Phone Flirtation



Joelle Barros and Veronica Bound









Joelle was engaged in a phone conversation of a sexual nature with a young man when she was overheard by Veronica. Joelle found herself bent over the tub and spanked with a bath brush.


Soon after the bath brush started to find its target on Joelle’s wet bottom, she started to promise better behavior. The brush fell. Then, despite Joelle’s best efforts to maintain some of her dignity she was forced to stand up and jump from the pain, only to be put back in place by Veronica. Once her spanking was over, Joelle was required to remain in position and think about her behavior.





phone1-2 phone1-3 phone1-4 phone1-5 phone1-6 phone1-7 phone1-8 phone2-1 phone2-2 phone2-3 phone2-4 phone2-5 phone2-6 phone2-7 phone2-8


Now the video grabs




phonevg1-1 phonevg1-2 phonevg1-3 phonevg1-4 phonevg1-5 phonevg1-6 phonevg1-7 phonevg2-1 phonevg2-2 phonevg2-3 phonevg2-4 phonevg2-5 phonevg2-6 phonevg2-7 phonevg2-8 phonevg2-9 phonevg2-10 phonevg2-11 phonevg2-12 phonevg2-13 phonevg2-14


In addition to our website you can find this video on our clips4sale store






Also on DVD ” Affection Rivals”





Brittney To The Woodshed



Brittney and Audrey






Brittney was sent to work on her uncle’s farm for the summer. When she failed to do her assigned chores, she was taken to the woodshed by her cousin Audrey for a taste of country discipline on her bare bottom



bwoodshed1-2-300x231 bwoodshed1-3-300x200 bwoodshed1-5-236x300 bwoodshed1-6-152x300 bwoodshed1-7-223x300 bwoodshedvg1-1-300x225 bwoodshedvg1-2-300x225 bwoodshedvg1-3-300x225 bwoodshedvg1-4-300x225 bwoodshedvg1-5-300x225 bwoodshedvg1-6-300x225 bwoodshedvg1-7-300x225 bwoodshedvg1-8-300x225 bwoodshedvg1-9-300x225 bwoodshedvg1-10-300x225 bwoodshedvg1-11-300x225 bwoodshedvg1-12-300x225




Then the highly popular series


What Will The Neighbors  Think part 3



Mandie Rae , Dominic King and Audrey



neighbors3-1 neighbors3-2 neighbors3-3 neighbors3-4 neighbors3-5 neighbors3-6 neighbors3-7 neighbors3-8



Now the video grabs




neighborsvg3-1 neighborsvg3-2 neighborsvg3-3 neighborsvg3-4 neighborsvg3-5 neighborsvg3-6 neighborsvg3-7 neighborsvg3-8



You can find this video On DVD ‘ Mandie’s Tales”.


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Joelle Barros











Veronica Bound








Audrey ( Like Cher)









Mandie Rae









Dominic King















Brittney AKA Jordana Leigh AKA Scarlett J











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