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A Learning Experience part 1




Cadence Lux and Veronica Bound







After it was reported that Cadence had been bullying another girl, she was called to Coach Veronica’s office. At The Scott Academy For Girls there is but one punishment for this infraction- a painful and humiliating bare bottom spanking.



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Now a few video grabs





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This video can be found on DVD as ” Six Scenes Of Spanking”








Now a few video grabs






dormvg1-1 dormvg1-2 dormvg1-3 dormvg1-4 dormvg1-5 dormvg1-6 dormvg1-7 dormvg1-8 dormvg1-9 dormvg1-10 dormvg1-11 dormvg1-12 dormvg2-1 dormvg2-2 dormvg2-3 dormvg2-4 dormvg2-5 dormvg2-6 dormvg2-7 dormvg2-8 dormvg2-9 dormvg2-10


In addition to our website you can find the video on our clips4sale store







Grad Student



Audrey, Veronica Bound and Ami Mercury






Grad instructor and Ph.D. Candidate Audrey had an appointment to meet Ami about selecting a major. As she let herself in, she was shocked to see Ami standing in the corner with her very red bottom exposed. It was then she met Veronica, Ami’s Rent a Mom. When asked who she was, Audrey introduced herself and Veronica noted that this saved her a walk. Audrey inquired what she meant. To her horror, Audrey’s mother had procured Veronica’s service to punish her for running up the charges on her credit card. Suddenly that soon to be theoretical physicist found herself receiving a comprehensive education in the law of thermodynamics as she found her bottom heating up as Veronica spanked it. It was also clear that the pain of the spanking increased exponentially when her bottom was bared.

grad1-2 grad1-3 grad1-4 grad1-5 grad1-6 grad1-7


Now the video grabs


gradvg1-1 gradvg1-2 gradvg1-3 gradvg1-4 gradvg1-5 gradvg1-6 gradvg1-7 gradvg1-8 gradvg1-9 gradvg1-10 gradvg1-11 gradvg1-12 gradvg1-13 gradvg1-14




This video is on DVD as ” Rent A Mom 2.0″




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