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Called Home




Mandie Rae and Veronica Bound





Like her sister Juliet before her, Mandie is called home by her mother/manager when her on set behavior is wreaking havoc with her once burgeoning career in Hollywood. Once Veronica informed her that the accoutrements of her life as a star were now gone, like her sports car and servants, and that she now would take up residence with her mother. When, like her older sister, she resisted this plan, Veronica took her daughter over her lap for a hard bare bottom spanking

Mandie’s mother and manager spanked her bare bottom until it was a bright red, and she promised to do the things necessary to have a successful acting career and be cooperative. After her spanking, the tearful starlet was placed in the corner with her bottom on display.


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Now  few stills from the movie



homevg1-1 homevg1-2 homevg1-3 homevg1-4 homevg1-5 homevg1-6 homevg1-7 homevg1-8 homevg1-9 homevg2-1 homevg2-2 homevg2-3 homevg2-4 homevg2-5 homevg2-6 homevg2-7 homevg2-8 homevg2-9 homevg2-10 homevg2-11 homevg2-12 homevg2-13 homevg2-14 homevg2-15 homevg2-16 homevg2-17 homevg2-18


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Many of you asked, actually insisted to see one of our Pixie’s unseen videos. We did what we could to upgrade the video and this one actually had pictures.


This Is Called


” A Sister’s Duties”



Amber Pixie Wells and Holly Dey








Holly, as the oldest, is responsible for the discipline of her younger sisters. This is a common practice within their conservative, religious community. Holly shared a room with the second oldest, Pixie. That day, Pixie had been disrespectful to her mother during her lessons. When Holly informed Pixie that she was to be spanked she was shocked. As she was now eighteen she believed that she was too old for such a punishment. Such was not true and Pixie was required to go over her big sister’s lap. When Pixie gave Holly sass as she was being spanked, her PJ bottoms were lowered. When she continued to talk back, Holly employed a hairbrush that got Pixie’s attention immediately. She promised not to be disrespectful to her or their mother again.
(This story was written by my brother and based on a true story)



sister1-2 sister1-3 sister1-4 sister1-5 sister1-6 sister1-7




Now stills from the movie





sistervg1-1 sistervg1-2 sistervg1-3 sistervg1-4 sistervg1-5 sistervg1-6 sistervg1-7 sistervg1-8 sistervg1-9 sistervg1-10 sistervg1-11 sistervg1-12 sistervg1-13 sistervg1-14 sistervg1-15



Well this has been a bit of a sensation


Three Girls Caned In Malaysia- Audrey






When Adriana returned from her caning the other girls were horrified by the state of her freshly caned bottom. When Audrey heard her named called to report to the punishment room, she was gripped by fear. Already feeling vulnerable by her nakedness, she almost cried as she attempted to move her feet in the direction on the man who would carry out her sentence. Audrey was bent over the chair and her suffering began. She screamed as the first stroke landed. She could not contain her anger and cursed as her punishment progressed, but soon found herself sobbing as stoke after stroke landed on the way to her sentence of twenty-five.

As her torment went on, Audrey could do nothing but cry and accept the painful treatment that she was suffering. After the twenty-fifth stoke landed, she was made to stand and thank the man who punished her and offer her apologies to the Malaysian people as tears streamed down her face.





audreycaned1-2 audreycaned1-3 audreycaned1-4 audreycaned1-5 audreycaned1-7 audreycaned1-20 audreycaned2-1 audreycaned2-2 audreycaned2-3 audreycaned2-4 audreycaned2-5



Now a few/several stills from the movie




audreycanedvg1-1 audreycanedvg1-2 audreycanedvg1-3 audreycanedvg1-4 audreycanedvg1-5 audreycanedvg1-6 audreycanedvg1-7 audreycanedvg1-8 audreycanedvg1-9 audreycanedvg1-10 audreycanedvg1-11 audreycanedvg1-12 audreycanedvg1-13 audreycanedvg1-14 audreycanedvg1-15 audreycanedvg1-16 audreycanedvg1-17 audreycanedvg1-18 audreycanedvg1-19 audreycanedvg1-20 audreycanedvg1-21 audreycanedvg2-1 audreycanedvg2-2 audreycanedvg2-3 audreycanedvg2-4 audreycanedvg2-5 audreycanedvg2-6 audreycanedvg2-7 audreycanedvg2-8 audreycanedvg2-9 audreycanedvg2-10 audreycanedvg2-11 audreycanedvg2-12 audreycanedvg2-13 audreycanedvg2-14 audreycanedvg2-15 audreycanedvg2-16 audreycanedvg2-17 audreycanedvg2-18 audreycanedvg2-19 audreycanedvg2-20



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