This Week At Punishedbrats: Video Edition



A Switch In Time


Chloe Noir and David Pierson









After sending Ava on her way, it was now Chloe’s turn to taste the stick. The Dean knew that Ava was naturally submissive but Chloe remained defiant and thus a threat to the community. Her punishment needed to be much longer and more severe. Chloe was acutely aware of that too, and she was filled with dread as she was bent over the stairs. As her panties were lowered, she flushed as she knew that her punishment was being broadcast to the entire town. This embarrassment soon passed as the switch began to find its mark upon her bottom.

The switch came down time and again upon Chloe’s bottom until she promised to be a good little girl. Once the dean was convinced that Chloe meant what she said, her punishment was at an end. Then Ava was called back into the room. Each girl was placed by a picture window with their stripped bottoms on display for all of the town to see.





Nadia’s Nightmare part 1


Nadia White and David Pierson




Nadia’s dreams of spanking have taken a decidedly darker turn. She found herself in a reform school with her court ordered caning coming tomorrow. Today, she faces the birch for engaging another girl in a fight. She was called to the punishment room. made to bend over the table. and despite her protests, her panties lowered. In seconds, the embarrassment of having her bottom bared became a secondary concern, once she felt the first taste of the birch.




Dark Dance of The Heart III: Episodes 1-2



Bianca Rose and Autumn Bodell




Attraction At An Exhibition
Bianca was stressing about her big night at the Mitchner. Her multimedia installation was her most ambitious artistic move of her career. On her way in, she was greeted by Autumn. Autumn loved Bianca’s work and said the right words to restore Bianca’s confidence. After the exhibit, Bianca invited her new friend back to her house for an entirely different form of exploration. After thoroughly examining one another’s secret places, Bianca asked if Autumn could stay for a time. She had to let her new object of desire that loving her involved pain as well as pleasure. The tall red head then gave Autumn a demonstration of the pleasure of pain.

The New Model
Autumn wanted to model for her new love, but in the process she learned that Bianca does not see her work as a collaboration. With her feelings a bit hurt, Autumn became sarcastic in her responses to the artist. Soon she found herself bent over the library stairs as Bianca went to work on her naked bottom and her most private places. Autumn now knew why Bianca told her that loving her can be painful Once Autumn’s punishment with the crop was at an end, she was sure that her marked bottom, thighs and labia brought an end to the shoot. Much to her surprise, Bianca felt that they added something special to the project. Bianca then instructed her subject to raise her arms above her head and then proceeded to closely explore Autumn’s body. While Bianca inspected her armpits, Autumn recalled that Rodin explored the bodies of his subjects in a similar manner. She inquired if she was emulating the great artist. Bianca just looked up and replied, “no, I just love your smell’.


We thank the Doylestown Chamber of Commerce and the Mitchner  and Mercer Museums for their assistance  in making this film.








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