Three Girls Caned in Malaysia -Audrey : Crime and Punishment




Three Girls Caned in Malaysia – Audrey



Audrey, Adriana Evans and Ami Mercury




When Adriana returned from her caning the other girls were horrified by the state of her freshly caned bottom. When Audrey heard her named called to report to the punishment room, she was gripped by fear. Already feeling vulnerable by her nakedness, she almost cried as she attempted to move her feet in the direction on the man who would carry out her sentence. Audrey was bent over the chair and her suffering began. She screamed as the first stroke landed. She could not contain her anger and cursed as her punishment progressed, but soon found herself sobbing as stoke after stroke landed on the way to her sentence of twenty-five.



As her torment went on, Audrey could do nothing but cry and accept the painful treatment that she was suffering. After the twenty-fifth stoke landed, she was made to stand and thank the man who punished her and offer her apologies to the Malaysian people as tears streamed down her face.




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Now a few stills from the movie




audreycanedvg2-1 audreycanedvg2-2 audreycanedvg2-3 audreycanedvg2-4 audreycanedvg2-5 audreycanedvg2-6 audreycanedvg2-7 audreycanedvg2-8 audreycanedvg2-9 audreycanedvg2-10 audreycanedvg2-11 audreycanedvg2-12 audreycanedvg2-13 audreycanedvg2-14 audreycanedvg2-15 audreycanedvg2-16 audreycanedvg2-17 audreycanedvg2-18 audreycanedvg2-19 audreycanedvg2-20



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David Pierson and Audrey














Adriana Evans







Ami Mercury






Parting gifts


This was Audrey’s bottom a few days later




This was Ami’s




I’d show you Adriana’s but she, being possessed of superhuman powers was fully healed.  James Washington Jersey

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