Tonight: Lorraine & Beverly in ‘Blackmail Pics. Now the weather

Beverly straps Lorraine for attempting to blackmail her.







This update was brought to you wish very special effort by Amber Pixie Wells. I live in a suburb of Philadelphia. It was October 30th and we were hit with a snowstorm. In my area we got six inches. Trees fell, power lines came down. I went to the brats hotel to spend the night. They had power, and cable TV. Pixie got  it worse.  Remember, Pixie lives in the middle of  ” No Fucking Where New Jersey”. She still has yet to have their power restored. I fully expected that  the update would need to be delayed.  To my surprise, Pixie drove to  to a Mc Donalds in a nearby town and did the update.  Above and and beyond the call of duty.

To see more of Lorraine click on the pic below.

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8 Responses to “Tonight: Lorraine & Beverly in ‘Blackmail Pics. Now the weather”

  • Bobbie Jo:

    Pixie must be feeling much better. To drive in that nasty weather, to put it mildly, was brave of her to do. I hope she is ok.

    Six inches is a lot when the snow is so wet as it was. Pretty bad. We had our first snow earlier this month and some areas around Tahoe got 22″. It is all gone now. I have a feeling we are going to get hit with more of the kind of weather we got last year.

    Stay safe.

  • Kelly:

    No if’s ands or buts about it…SNOW, Cold weather and winter all bite ass! :(((((

    Kudos to Pixie and her “Show Must Go On.” attitude.

  • She is dedacated. Still has no power today

  • Tim S.:

    Pixie has gone through hell this year so 2012 better be good to her!
    David, I’m thrilled that you have a new dvd co-starring the lovely & adorable Lorraine. I have been a major fan of hers since she was in “The Pout” on one of the Punished Brats “Girl Trouble” dvds. I would love to see a dvd featuring both “Lorraine” & the equally lovely & adorable Lily Page. Maybe they can play 2 trouble making cousins who get their bare bottoms severely blistered with hand & hairbrush by you & Rad.
    Keep up the great work!!!
    Tim S.

  • Tim S.:

    This snow is a bitch & I’m sorry to hear both you & Pixie were/are without power. Tis the season to head out to your local LOWES to pick up a good snow shovel, ice chopper & plenty of QIK JOE.
    Stay safe & warm
    Tim S.

  • Been a rough year all around. When once there were three, now stabds two. Pixie always impresses.

  • tim:

    Pixie is a great trooper ,very dedicated to punished Brats ,bless her little cotton socks ,best ,tim.

  • Yes her white cotton socks