Too Chummy: poor boundaries gets you spanked




Too Chummy



Joelle Barros and Michael Valentine







Michael had summoned Joelle to his house to both praise and warn her. He noted that she had been doing very well and hadn’t required correction in over a month, however it had come to his attention the his protégée had been far to close with her students. The Headmaster noted that this is a very common issue for young teachers. Joelle decided to argue the point and suddenly she was sentenced to the correction that she had not suffered for over thirty days. Joelle was made to remove her skirt and place her hands on the top of the mantle of the fireplace. Headmaster Valentine took a leather paddle and spanked her for a time over her bright purple panties. The, she was mortified as the panties were lowered and she was spanked on her bare bottom. Soon her embarrassment was the least of her problems as each swat of the paddle landed with great force, causing her to jump, wiggle and cry out.


It is a phenomenon most common for a young professional to overly identify with their adolescent charges. It often takes a painful experience for said young professional to maintain appropriate boundaries. Today, Joelle had a very painful lesson imparted to her as Headmaster Valentine applied the leather paddle to her bared bottom. Afterwards, Joelle was made to stand near the fireplace, red bottom on display to contemplate her mistakes. Perhaps the most painful lesson of all was that Headmaster Valentine was right.






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