Too Much Fun In One Week: stimulated ideas





It was only Saturday a week ago when we shot with the amazing Ami Mercury





amipromo1 amipromo2 amipromo3 amipromo4 amipromo5 amipromo6 amipromo7 amipromo8 amipromo9 amipromo10



Miss Audrey got a good spanking from Veronica too.



So on Friday, Audrey ¬†and Bianca shot some special material in a series called ‘ The Contest’. This was a commissioned work.




contest1 contest2 contest3 contest4 contest5 contest6 contest7 contest8



Also self spanking







A funny thing about this. My wife was away in DC all week keeping us safe from nuclear disaster. She was scheduled to return Friday. I thought we’d be done before she arrived home and I hadn’t mentioned the shoot to her . I thought I was soon to die. Fortunately, she likes Audrey and Bianca. While my wife was okay, Audrey gave me hell all of the way to her house. ‘ You men are are all alike’.


Aside from the fact the I should tell my wife when we are shooting , I learned that Bianca can spank. I have her booked with a brand new brat in May . I never hire people Bianca’s age for topping. She impressed me.


She and Audrey were great togther. Chris Givens Jersey

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  • Tim:

    David yes it looks fun with the girls ,hope we get to see Audrey and Bianca Rose spank each other otks ,best Tim .