Trouble On The set: Charlie Skye

I’ve been asked to tell a few, juicy, behind the scenes stories. So, lets start with this. Charlie Skye, the Blonde bombshell from Baltimore, has always been one of my favorite girls with whom we work. She was reffered to us by Andy San Dimas.  It was during our first shoot without Pixie that Charlie had acted up a bit. My brother and I wrote and produced a shoot in which Juliet Valentina, Lorraine,  and Charlie were all to be well spanked by Beverly Bacci and me. This was Juliet’s first shoot with us in two years.

 Charlie, as is her way, got to the hotel very late the night before. She was beat as I picked her up the following day. As we drove to the studio Charlie had downed three cans of Monster. ( A well known energy drink)

  Lets my just say that Charlie was wide awake after that. Unfortunately, this also prevented Charlie from processing information that passed from her brain and exited via her mouth. Without intending to, over the course of the day, Charlie had, inadvertently offended everyone.

 Between scenes, Juliet was talking to Lorraine about her marks. Juliet is part of the polyamorous community.  Juliet was to attend a ” party” that night and knew her marks would be the subject of conversation.

She had occasional served as a bartender minus clothes. Charlie said” hang out at a place where people are having sex everywhere!”. Needless to say, Juliet was not happy.

Of course, Charlie should not have talked.


 My brother had written a scene in which Charlie played a petulant actress and was spanked for her behavior in from of the crew as camera angles were worked out. Prior to my spanking Charlie in this scene, my brother said to me” Spank Her Good!”. 

I gave the brat a good spanking with, at one point, seven cameras running and with the girls she offended Manning them.

Charlie behaved well for the rest of the day. We’ve shot with her a few times since. Always a perfect angel.

 Here are pics from the video ‘ Camera Angles’






To see more of Charlie just click on the image below.

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7 Responses to “Trouble On The set: Charlie Skye”

  • Bobbie Jo:

    How funny! I guess she learned a thing or two about not mouthing off. I know booze can make people do that, but I had no idea Monster would do that. Then again, three of them? Oh, yeah!

  • tim:

    David oh dear
    young Charlie learned to be a polite girl as she now is ,does the community Juliet belongs to begin with an M.? they are polite respectful people so young Juliet would beupset , best ,Tim.

  • Charlie is usually such a nice kid too. Juliet, when she was married was into swapping. Now that she is divorced she is polyamourous. She is rarely in Philadelphia . Her acting/ theater career has taken off.

  • Dan:

    Thanks for sharing that story with us, David. I very much enjoy hearing behind-the-scenes tidbits like this.

    As I said before I love Charlie. Not only is she beautiful but she seems like a genuine brat as well!

  • Charlie is a doll baby with sharp teeth. She always responded to Veronica with total deference. V was not there that day. We all adore Charlie. She was

    Amazing in the contract series. We will have her back soon.

  • tim:

    David glad that Juliet is happy in her acting hope she might return to Punished Brats one day she would be most welcome ,best,Tim.