What Will The Neighbors Think Part: The Scandal




What will The Neighbors Think: Daddy’s Strap








After Mandie’s bare bottom spanking had ended, she pleaded to be spared the strapping from her Daddy that had been promised. Unfortunately, the girl who came in at the outrageous hour of 9 pm on a school night needed to be taught a lesson to ensure that she behaves as a proper young lady.


Daddy’s strap fell time and time again upon Mandie’s bare bottom until she promised to be a very good girl. After her strapping, she was sent directly to bed to think over what had occurred. Later that decade, Mandie became the head for her university’s chapter of the SDS.( Students For a Democratic Society )




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  • Tim:

    David young Mandie Mae took her spankings well please give my best wishes to her . Adriana is next to play ,best Tim .